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SD-WAN Services

One-Click Service Insertion

Pure Speed Lightwave offers easy, zero-touch deployments with one-click service insertion, faster, seamless access to the cloud, and enhanced protection with SD-WAN’s secure overlay.


  • Centralized provisioning
  • Broadband vs. MPLS realized cost savings
  • Faster, seamless for cloud applications
  • Routes traffic on the best & fastest route possible
  • Provides a secure overlay with devices authenticated first
  • Portal access 24/7/365 for monitoring usage & resources
  • Can support incremental migration
  • Ability to use lower-cost Internet access providers for branch offices
  • Dynamic VPN
" We offer an All-in-One Cloud NSX SD-WAN Orchestrator for enterprise, SD-WAN automation deployment flexibility, & simplicity for enterprises. "
Pete Cavazos
Pete Cavazos
Sr. Fiber Network Designer

Benefits to your Company

Money Savers



PS LIGHTWAVE is offering an All-in-One Cloud NSX SD-WAN Orchestrator for enterprise, SD-WAN automation Deployment flexibility, and simplicity via

  • Activation: Zero Touch deployments, one-click service insertion
  • Form-Factor: Appliance,Virtual and Cloud Gateway or Non-VeloCloud sites
  • Outcome Driven: Overlay Flow Control, Segmentation, PKI, IPSec
  • Service Offering: Hosted Orchestrator

SD-WAN Cost Benefit

ROI – Example

Before SD-WAN

Monthly MPLS / Site (3 Mbps) $975 ($325/Mbps)
Monthly Support Costs / Site $300
Backup Broadband / Site $100
Annual for 100 Sites $1.32 M
Over 3 years $3.78 M
Monthly per site $1,375

After SD-WAN

Dual broadband / month (75 Mbps aggregate) $200 (2.67/Mbps)
VeloCloud Annual Premium Subscription + Palo Alto Networks integrated firewall, support, and licensing $3000
Annual for 100 Sites $540,000
Over 3 years $1.62 M
Monthly per site $450

$2.16 M 3-Year Savings
57% Savings
ROI < 5 Months