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Enterprise Businesses

Enterprise businesses who are driven by the need for reliability & responsiveness and are looking for new services or better connectivity to multiple sites.

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" Our values set the stage for all our operations. We live and breathe these principles every day and use them to guide our day-to-day achievements. "
Debbie Ortiz
Buseiness Development Executive

Why Work with PS Lightwave?

Our networks are built on unique fiber routes and are scalable for future expansion, so as your organization grows, our network can grow with you. 

Protected Data Rings

Our protected data rings and facilities-based operations provide network redundancy and reduced service disruptions to ensure your business is never compromised.


Burstability gives you higher bandwidth and greater speeds when needed – without a disruption to service.


We closely monitor data transport, so users experience seamless peak usage during times of high capacity.

Local NOC

Our local, expert technicians monitor network activity and reliability 24/7/365 through our local network operations center (NOC).

PS Lightwave Customer reviews

Don't take our word for it.

Our company has been using PS Lightwave for ALL of our internet requirements for over 10 years. We use VoIP phones and have an extensive network infrastructure. We have literally had zero downtime and have not lost internet connectivity ever due to PS Lightwave. Our internet was actually even up during Harvey as well as a fire that we had in our plant in 2021. In 2022, we were redoing the concrete driveway outside our office building and the contractors literally cut the fiber cable. PS Lightwave sent four technicians within 30 mins to try to restore the cut cable but after analysing our situation, had to run a whole new fiber cable. This was done within two hours and Ali was right there to change out our old modem, replace it with a new 10Gig one and the process was incredibly smooth and efficient. I had told my boss that due to it being our error, we weren't going to have internet connectivity for at least two weeks, PS Lightwave got us up within four hours, imagine his surprise! Their service is second to none. We recently had the pleasure of touring their data center. We also met the data center manager, Robert, who has been in the business for decades, is a huge wealth of amazing information, and incredibly helpful. I would DEFINITELY recommend PS Lightwave for any needs.
Nadia Moolla
VP of Operations - Serviam Solutions
The success of our business is a function of our ability to have quick, reliable Internet service. You guys are lightning fast. When I do a speed test the arrow redlines, every time! And the support we receive is personal and professional. Big deliverables in an intimate setting. That makes me feel important, and it enables ACM to be better and faster than our competitors.
John Heimsath
President & CEO - ACM Logistics