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Understanding the Needs of Engineering & Construction Firms

Pure Speed Lightwave provides high-speed Internet and custom point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network solutions for engineering and construction businesses in the Greater Houston Area handling data intensive CAD drawings.

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" We provide customized, reliable solutions, fast data transport, and a facilities-based network so your engineering or construction business can reach Houston's leading data centers. "
Batoul Amouri
Project Team Manager

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Building Solid Connections


We provide bandwidth ranging from 10 megs to over 100G to meet the needs of any engineering or construction company.


Our native Ethernet infrastructure provides the greatest protection and redundancy while minimizing losses in connectivity.

Dark Fiber

We offer single-mode dark fiber that can be used whenever greater bandwidth and speed is desired.

PS Lightwave Customer reviews

What do our real customers think?

Having been a customer for over 12 years, I have consistently been impressed by the sales and technical follow-through from all the people with whom I have dealt with at PS Lightwave. As an MSP, PSL has consistently found solutions for my clients. By saying 'let's find a way' they have been an invaluable resource in building a robust network with some very particular needs.
Michael Pulk
CEO of Pulk & Co.

Why work with PS Lightwave?

Protected Data Rings

Our facilities-based network provides core network redundancy and reliability through data ring protection within a 5,500 route mile footprint for 3,300 on-net buildings.


Burstability gives you higher bandwidth and greater speeds when needed – without a disruption to service.


We seamlessly connect your office to other local satellite locations and client sites to facilitate cross-office collaboration.

High-Capacity Bandwidth

Our network offers high-capacity bandwidth to transfer large data files between departments and offices, so you spend less time waiting and more time working.