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Our Culture is rooted in GRIT

Our company values are the foundation of our operations. We are guided by GRIT – growth, respect, integrity, and trust – in all interactions. Those foundational principles serve as the touchstone for our work within our own company, with our clients, and within our community. 

These values are not idealistic concepts chosen by out-of-touch leadership. They are a true code of ethics established in small-group settings by employees across our entire organization.   

" Our GRIT values set the stage for all our operations. We live and breathe these principles every day and use them to guide our day-to-day achievements. "
Kurt Rushe
Kurt Rushe
Director of People & Culture

Our Culture

We are wholly dedicated to educating and consulting with our customers, and our team works to ensure each of our clients gets the outstanding service – and unfailing connectivity – they deserve.

Through GRIT – growth, respect, integrity, and trust – we’ve built a multi-county fiber network in Texas. Our story is as unique as our culture. We’d love to share more about our history and culture with you here.

About our company values...

Watch our employees recall times when GRIT was actively at play in real-life situations.

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Great Connections Happen Here