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Secure, Private Network Solutions

Financial services organizations get optimal security of assets and operational data with a dedicated private network from Pure Speed Lightwave.

" Maximize the Security of Your Clients' Financial Information with our secure, private network solutions. "
Orion Kester
Orion Kester
Senior Project Team Manager

Why choose to work with us?

Pure Speed Lightwave’s dedicated network is secured using best practices for proprietary data – ideal for the financial services industry.


We provide intraconnectivity for our clients and enable cross-office collaboration by connecting multiple financial services branches.


Our experienced network operations center team can design private virtual networks for multiple office locations.

Protected Data Rings

Data ring redundancy ensures your financial services organization stays connected.

WBENC Certified

As a WBENC-certified, woman-owned business, a HCDE Choice Partner, a HUB certified business, and a certified Hire Houston First local business, we provide secure solutions for the financial services industry.

A Great Culture…

Building Solid Connections


Our native Ethernet infrastructure provides the greatest protection & redundancy while minimizing losses in connectivity – providing reliable 24/7/365 uptime that’s vital to financial services organizations.


We provide bandwidth ranging from 10 megs to over 100G to meet the needs of any financial services organization.


We provide SIP, PRIs and Hosted PBX telephony services.

Dark Fiber

Want to manage your own fiber network? We lease dark fiber routes in the Greater Houston Area.