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Service Level Agreement

Pure Speed Lightwave has designed a maintenance and support plan to meet the needs of the Fiber Optic Network installed by PS Lightwave. The support plan is designed to provide onsite support response within two hours of notification, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week according to the following Service and Maintenance plan:

  • Network Availability: PS Lightwave shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure 99.9% network availability of the Applicable Fiber.Network Operations Center: The PS Lightwave Support Plan is based on providing customer support functions including problem tracking, resolution, and escalation support management on a 24/7/365 basis. The Customer has the right and is encouraged to call concerning any problems that may arise relative to its connection with PS Lightwave-provided services.Trouble Reporting: Upon interruption, degradation, or loss of service, Customer may contact PS Lightwave by calling 832.615.8000. Minor problems can be reported through e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Upon contact from the Customer, the  PS Lightwave support team will initiate an immediate response to resolve any Customer issue.  Customers will receive rapid feedback on trouble resolution, including potential resolution time.Escalation: In the event that service has not been restored in a timely manner, or the Customer does not feel that adequate attention has been allocated, the Customer can escalate the trouble resolution by request.  A list of escalation contacts will be provided when the implementation schedule is completed.Resolution: The Customer will be notified immediately once the problem is resolved and will be asked for verbal closure of the incident.Trouble Reporting, Escalation, and Resolution: At the time of contract execution, the Customer agrees to provide PS Lightwave with an overview of its internal procedures for trouble reporting and resolution, including the Customer’s internal escalation contacts.  The Customer agrees to provide at least customary Tier 1 support to assist PS Lightwave in closing the incident report.Measurement: PS Lightwave’s stated commitment is to respond to any outage within two (2) hours with a four (4) hour restoration of service.  Time starts from the time the Customer contacts PS Lightwave and identifies the problem.Credits: The Customer shall not receive a credit allowance for any outage caused by (i) the negligence or acts of it or its end user or agents; (ii) failure of power; (iii) the failure or malfunction of non-PS Lightwave equipment or systems; (iv) circumstances beyond PS Lightwave’s control; (v) lack of PS Lightwave access to service premises; or (vi) a planned service outage, unscheduled emergency maintenance scheduled maintenance alteration, or implementation.
    Outage Length Credit
    Less than 5 Hours:59 Minutes None
    6 Hours to 8 Hours:59 Minutes 2/5 Day
    9 Hours to 11 Hours:59 Minutes 3/5 Day
    12 Hours to 14 Hours:59 Minutes 4/5 Day
    15 Hours to 24 Hours 1 Day
    The time shall start when a trouble ticket is opened and shall terminate when the ticket is acknowledged as resolved and closed by both the Customer and PS Lightwave.Components Included (but not limited to): The following components are included in this Plan: PS LIGHTWAVE provided WAN Infrastructure components.Components Excluded: The following components are not included in the Plan:
    • All components during downtime for PS Lightwave previously scheduled maintenance windows. PS Lightwave shall provide seven (7) day notification of all scheduled maintenance. Scheduled maintenance shall be performed between the hours of 12:00 am to 6:00 am local time.Any PS Lightwave components within the Customer’s facility that cannot be corrected due to unavailability of the Customer or inaccessibility of the premise.Customer’s equipment or content.
    Reports: Upon request, an incident report will be made available to the Customer within five (5) working days of resolution of the trouble.