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Network Operations Center

As your network solutions provider, we understand and are experienced at delivering nimble and critical responsive support. That’s why we established and maintain our LOCAL Network Operations Center (NOC). Your business, no matter what size, will receive the same level of support that we provide day in and day out to the most critical first responder organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

Pure Speed Lightwave understands the value of responsive support. That’s why our NOC houses experienced Tier-II and Tier-III operations teams to provide clients with reliable and value-added solutions.

The NOC is solely managed by Pure Speed Lightwave employees 24/7/365. We use sophisticated network management, monitoring, and analysis tools to ensure our customers stay up and running around the clock.

" We believe in helping out where we can, and never saying 'that's not my job.' Creativity, innovation, and logic can solve any problem. We are here for you. "
Nicole Peavey
Nicole Peavy
NOC Manager

Benefits of

Local NOC Support


We monitor all backbone links and network devices 24/7/365.


We ensure continuous operation of servers and services.


We provide local, quality support for our customers.


Our around-the-clock live, certified, local staff are available to troubleshoot all network and system-related issues.


We provide support via phone, ticketing, and chat communication options. You choose. We will keep you updated on all activities concerning your open support tickets until they are resolved.

Your single point of contact...

Pure Speed Lightwave is THE network solutions provider in the Greater Houston Area. We act as the single point of contact to help clients solve any issue or answer questions – including carrier issues that are not directly related to Pure Speed Lightwave services, but are run through our infrastructure.

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Our NOC team


Our NOC employees undergo rigorous training to achieve NOC and Tier-III certification – a requirement for all Pure Speed Lightwave technicians. Tier-II personnel have a minimum of an Extreme Certified Network Associate (ECNA) certification.

Pure Speed Lightwave has a dedicated trainer for Tier-II personnel, ensuring our technicians are up to date on the latest technology innovations, while preparing personnel for certification tests and evaluations.