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Data Trends and Your Business

Here's how business data is changing, and what your business needs to do in order to change with it.

Data: it’s constantly growing. As organizations have begun collecting larger data sets, it’s become necessary to house these data sets in dedicated data centers. And that has made it even more important to have a reliable, continuous connection. Here’s how business data is changing, and what your business needs to do in order to change with it.

Companies are Keeping More Data

As data analysis is refined, more data is needed. Today, companies keep very large volumes of data, all of which can be analyzed through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Through this, companies can achieve better, more accurate predictions regarding customer behavior, logistics and shipping, and more. But all of that data has to go somewhere.

Cloud-based solutions have become popular because they allow companies to leverage the data they obtain. With cloud-based platforms, companies are able to utilize effectively limitless resources to analyze and control their data. Rather than having to keep large amounts of data on-site, they can instead archive and protect the data elsewhere.

But this leads to additional complications, as companies now need to control large amounts of data remotely. Without reliable, fast internet services, they aren’t able to access and manipulate this data. Companies need to be able to manage their data connections effectively, as the need for data is only going to continue growing.

Companies Need to Utilize the Data They Keep

Studies have shown that many companies are retaining data but not using it. The idea is that the data is always there to be used, and that keeping more data is always better. But keeping data that is not immediately relevant can only obfuscate the data that is truly useful.

Organizations need to take steps to actually use the data that they collect. Often, for businesses still keeping data on-premise, this means transitioning to more powerful, robust cloud-based solutions. Archiving, accessing and analyzing data takes a tremendous amount of power, in addition to best-in-class analysis algorithms and machine-learning technology.

As data becomes more important within the business world, companies will find it necessary to maintain their data pools in order to be competitive. The more information that companies can glean from their data, the more accurate and predictable their own results will be.

High-Speed, Reliable Internet Service and Big Data

A company’s connection to its data is incredibly important today. In fact, many businesses are unable to continue running if they don’t have a direct connection with their data. As a consequence, companies need to prioritize the archiving and accessing of their data streams.

In fact, in many companies, employees simply are unable to do their jobs when they aren’t able to access their data. Customer-related information, product information, inventory catalogs and financial services may all be connected to the company’s cloud-based platform.

As companies begin to collect larger volumes of data (and as this data becomes larger), high-speed internet services become even more important. Today, many companies are using VoIP technology, video streaming services, and also their data streaming: all of these services are competing down the same data pipeline.

Companies that want to retain access to their data may want to consider multiple data pipelines, as well as failover systems in the event that their primary data connection goes down. The more consistent and reliable a company’s connection to its data is, the more productive the company will be.

Data is Growing: Grow Your Company with It

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