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What is Enterprise Business Internet and Why do You Need it?

As enterprise increasingly becomes reliant upon cloud-based solutions and VoIP telephony, enterprise internet services need to become even more robust.

An enterprise has unique needs in terms of internet access. Not only does the internet service have to be fast and scalable, but it has to be able to manage large numbers of connections. As enterprise increasingly becomes reliant upon cloud-based solutions and VoIP telephony, enterprise internet services need to become even more robust.

What is an Enterprise Business Connection?

In addition to being generally fast and reliable, an enterprise business connection includes a number of unique features:

  • Managed firewalls to protect the business
  • Spam filtering and web filtering for further security
  • SIP trunking to connect to existing phone technology
  • Hosted voice and data services, for better VoIP and internet support

Enterprise business solutions vary from provider to provider, but these are some of the most popular features available. And, of course, services can generally be tailored to the business.

Why Would Your Business Need an Enterprise Connection?

An enterprise connection is necessary for any business that relies upon its online infrastructure. Businesses that use cloud-based apps will need a fast internet connection for the purposes of their productivity. Without stable, reliable internet, businesses could:

  • Experience VoIP failure. As businesses switch over from traditional telecommunications to VoIP, internet services become more important. A slow internet service will cause static-filled and dropped calls.
  • Be unable to connect to IoT devices. Many companies now rely upon IoT devices for critical business aspects, such as controlling their warehouse or tracking their vehicles. 
  • Not be able to connect to video calls. Video calls require a significant amount of bandwidth; without being able to connect to video calls, businesses may suffer from lost productivity.
  • Have critical backups fail. Some backups may fail silently or be corrupted, which could be extremely damaging to a business. 
  • Be unable to connect to their infrastructure. Cloud-based solutions run everything through the internet; if the internet goes down, the business goes down too.

Modern businesses operate in an always-on, always-online world. Enterprise business services provide the functionality that companies need to remain constantly connected. Without an enterprise business solution, a company may struggle to perform.

How Can You Find a Good Enterprise Internet Provider?

There are a few factors that you want to consider when it comes to internet providers:

  • Flexible and tiered solutions. Different businesses need different levels of service. Some businesses may only need to pay for a mid-tier service, while others may need to pay for more.
  • Consistent reliability. An enterprise internet provider should be able to guarantee a certain amount of uptime in its Service Level Agreement. Better reliability is achieved through having redundant systems. 
  • 24/7 customer service and support. Modern enterprises need customer service at all hours. Whether your business has remote workers in different time zones or needs to provide its own 24/7 customer support, having the option of getting support is important.
  • Privacy and safety. The entirety of a company’s information is often sent through the internet, especially if the company has remote workers. An enterprise internet provider should be able to guarantee privacy, by following security best practices.
  • High-speed connectivity. Enterprise needs connections with speeds between 10 GB to 100 GB, anything less is going to be disruptive. High-speed internet services ensure productivity by reducing waiting time.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Of course, businesses also need to consider cost. A business may want to get quotes from multiple companies in order to make sure that it’s getting the best deal. 

Overall, a business internet service is highly customizable and can be modified to the company’s needs. Sometimes, a business service might include VoIP services — and sometimes it might not. Sometimes a business internet service needs to be managed, and sometimes a business wants to manage its own service. There are many optional functions. 

As a business grows, acquiring an enterprise business service isn’t going to be optional. Without reliable internet service, many businesses can’t function at all. For more information about enterprise business internet — and to get a quote for business internet services — contact the experts at PS LIGHTWAVE.

PS LIGHTWAVE provides high-speed, fiber internet for public and private commercial entities in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas.

Through our high-quality infrastructure, innovative technology and expert, locally based support, we deliver not only the best in connectivity and reliability but in scalability and redundancy. We invite you to learn more about our services, our history and our dedicated team.

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