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Core Services

With best-in-class customer service, support and technology, PS LIGHTWAVE is able to operate as a complete technology partner.

From internal to external communications, PS LIGHTWAVE offers a large inventory of solutions for businesses, government entities, nonprofit organizations and more. With best-in-class customer service, support and technology, PS LIGHTWAVE is able to operate as a complete technology partner. Explore the core services offered by PS LIGHTWAVE below.


PS LIGHTWAVE is able to provide support for internal business communications, in the form of Ethernet connectivity. Invest in your Ethernet infrastructure to create a dedicated, secure network with ring protection, on PS LIGHTWAVE’s Layer 2 environment. With PS LIGHTWAVE, you’ll get 24/7 support for your network infrastructure, in addition to fast speeds and better reliability. PS LIGHTWAVE can improve upon an organization’s internal infrastructure, protecting its data through redundancy.


Secure and reliable, PS LIGHTWAVE provides top-of-the-line internet services for businesses within the Houston area. PS LIGHTWAVE can provide bandwidth up to 40G, with a network that is secured through regulatory compliant best practices. PS LIGHTWAVE offers scalable internet solutions that can grow with your business and can support even the most demanding of infrastructures. With features such as burstability, your business can rest assured that the internet will always be able to keep up with your company’s needs.

Today’s businesses run on the strength of their Internet service, with many employees working remotely, and vendors and customers needing to connect with shared documents and data. Through faster, more reliable internet service, a business can drastically improve upon its productivity — as well as the service it’s able to deliver to its customers. 


Scalable, affordable and reliable, VoIP services provide voice data over internet connections. Many businesses are switching to VoIP due to its ability to easily be customized, with new technologies for call routing and call quality. PS LIGHTWAVE offers hosted, managed VoIP services, so your business can concentrate on its operations rather than managing its phone service. With a hosted PBX, your organization can take advantage of all the most advanced telecommunications features without having to manage the infrastructure. 

Dark Fiber

Through PS LIGHTWAVE, you can lease out unused fiber connections at a fraction of the cost of running your own lines. Extend your company’s fiber network without investing in infrastructure, by taking advantage of already existing “dark fiber” connections. Rather than having to manage your fiber network, you can have PS LIGHTWAVE take care of everything for you. PS LIGHTWAVE provides services to requisition, manage and maintain your organization’s dark fiber network, for the best in reliability, speed and connectivity. 

Fiber connections can cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to install on your own. If you’re currently in an area that isn’t supported by other ISPs, or you aren’t able to acquire internet service within the region, PS LIGHTWAVE may be able to help.

Data Centers

PS LIGHTWAVE maintains a number of data centers that are designed to provide redundant, scalable and reliable solutions to its customers. Through better relationships with data centers, PS LIGHTWAVE has been able to maintain a higher quality of service. Businesses are able to leverage the relationship between PS LIGHTWAVE and data centers to protect their own data, reducing the risk of potential business disruption. Data Center Internet Port (DCIP) pricing options are available for businesses that need to connect directly to their data. 

PS LIGHTWAVE is carrier-neutral, which means it can focus on the services and solutions that are best for the customer. Through PS LIGHTWAVE, businesses can save money by exploring the options that are best suited to their unique network needs, infrastructure and environment. 

Connect Now With PS LIGHTWAVE

PS LIGHTWAVE offers more than just services: it’s a partnership.

All of PS LIGHTWAVE’s services include best-in-class customer service and state-of-the-art technology, designed to give businesses the edge they need to improve their productivity. With its extensive array of managed services and telecommunications solutions, PS LIGHTWAVE is able to support businesses as they grow. Whether a business is interested in expanding its Ethernet or Internet communications, or whether it’s interested in developing internal telephone system, PS LIGHTWAVE can help.

Are you interested in expanding your company’s telecommunications systems? It’s time to contact PS LIGHTWAVE. Connect with PS LIGHTWAVE today to find out about the options in your area. 

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PS LIGHTWAVE, a leading telecommunications service provider headquartered in Houston, Texas, provides managed Ethernet Data Circuits, Internet, private network solutions and Voice over IP (VoIP) over one of the nation’s largest facilities-based private Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs). The switched Layer 2 network, backed by 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) support, encompasses approximately 5,500 route miles and 1,400 on-net locations and connects 100+ fault-tolerant multi-gigabit Ethernet rings for built-in redundancy, security, low latency, and high-availability. At PS LIGHTWAVE Great Connections Happen Here™.

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