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PS LIGHTWAVE’s Internet offering can support nearly every organization’s needs, with bandwidth ranging from 10 megs to over 40G. We provide coverage in Harris, Galveston, Brazoria, Chambers, Waller, Montgomery, and Fort Bend counties.

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By using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) in our core network, we provide greater data protection and an additional layer of resiliency from potential failures. This full duplex and bidirectional Internet network provides the same level of bandwidth in both directions of the fiber simultaneously, ensuring both your upload and download rates are consistent—optimal for remote offices or cross-office collaboration.

Additionally, our Internet has the capacity to burst up to a higher bandwidth for a boost in speed when needed, allowing you to transfer large files without interruption. With switched fabric through PS LIGHTWAVE systems, we ensure greater connectivity within a switched, Layer 2 environment.

Technical Specs:

  • Over 5,500 fiber route miles in the Houston area
  • Over 1,100 “lit” buildings & 1,400 on-net locations
  • Network with redundant route processor cards & power feeds
  • Reliability and redundancy through 2 main nodes on a fiber ring
  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) used in core network
  • Network secured using best practices  

Benefits of PS LIGHTWAVE Internet:

  • High speed with 5 millisecond latency & fewer hops
  • Redundancy through facilities-based data rings
  • Expert support with local Network Operating Center
  • Native IPv6 availability
  • Facilities-based network
  • Burstability for more bandwidth
  • Bidirectional and full duplex bandwidth
  • Scalable network that’s easily upgraded
  • High transport class transport from 10 Mbps to 100G