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Many Government Technology Systems Fail the Pandemic Stress Test

Many local, state, and federal government aging legacy data and technology systems failed the stress test of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many local, state, and federal government aging legacy data and technology systems, in a need of an upgrade for years, failed the stress test of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In state after state over the last two months during the coronavirus crisis inadequate government staffing dealt with websites crashing and phone systems unable to handle the caller deluge.

Aging Technology Under Pressure

This technology failure hit the newly unemployed especially hard as laid off workers could not get through to their government to apply for benefits:

A lot of these issues could be solved if local, state and federal government embraced dedicated fiber for their solid Internet infrastructure.

On the phone issue alone, consider that a local area network using modern copper lines put in a decade ago can carry about 3,000 phone calls at once while similar fiber optic lines can handle more than 30,000 calls at once.

Legacy Technology Systems are Costlier, Riskier and Less Efficient

The federal government has been trying to address the issue of unproductive technology data and systems with the Government Accountability Office saying in a report last summer

“As they age, legacy systems can be more costly to maintain, more exposed to cybersecurity risks, and less effective in meeting their intended purpose.” 

That same summer the U.S. Coast Guard’s technical issues forced 95 vital systems offline for several days due to a single service malfunction.

In business, just as in government, a solid network infrastructure is a crucial aspect of success. After all, without customer contact, there are no customers. Reliable phone and Internet can be the different between profit and failure.

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