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Economic Growth in Houston: How High-Speed Internet Supports Business Success


Reliable, fast connectivity is essential for Texas businesses to improve productivity, provide better customer service, and more. Houston stands out as a leader in digital progress, but much of rural Texas grapples with a digital divide that makes staying competitive in an increasingly connected world challenging.

In this blog, we explain how closing the digital divide through expanded fiber infrastructure can benefit businesses statewide.

The Digital Divide in Texas

Only 69% of rural Texans can access high-speed Internet,1 creating serious implications for sectors like education, agriculture, health, and small business. This connectivity gap primarily stems from financial challenges for building networks across sparsely populated areas, along with the logistical hurdles posed by difficult terrains. For example, the Hill Country’s limestone deposits interfere with wireless signals, so the area relies on broadband over fiber cable – an option that may be too expensive for less populated locations.

Limited broadband access inhibits growth across rural Texas’ pivotal sectors. Here’s how:

  • Consistent, high-bandwidth connections are required for farming technologies enabling data-driven irrigation, planting, and harvesting.
  • Telemedicine services, critical for delivering care across Texas’ vast rural expanses, rely on real-time video consultations.
  • Distance learning programs depend on Internet access to bridge the homework gap for students without home connectivity.

A strong focus on infrastructure development can help drive Internet access to unlock innovation for Texas’ businesses.

7 Ways High-Speed Internet Contributes to Business Success

Fast, reliable fiber Internet delivers many benefits that help Texas businesses see improved business productivity, cost efficiency, and competitiveness, including:

1. Enhanced Collaboration

The high bandwidth and low latency of fiber Internet support smooth HD video calls, cloud-based file sharing, and remote workspace pairing. Geographically dispersed teams and remote workers can collaborate without lags or other issues hindering the flow of communication and innovation.

2. Reduced IT Infrastructure Costs

The operational efficiencies realized through cloud integration, BYOD policies, and remote work supported by high-speed Internet connections can add up to substantial bottom-line savings. 

3. Fast Access to Applications

Fiber networks offer faster data transfers, so your teams can access critical platforms like HD quality video often used in streaming and storing video content, especially for training and marketing purposes, as well as, video meetings, wi-fi users, cloud applications, and other bandwidth-intensive applications. Tasks like processing orders, fulfilling shipments, and accessing real-time business insights happen faster.

4. Greater Network Resiliency 

Advanced fiber infrastructure delivers stronger redundancy across your business network, helping minimize outages that disrupt workflows. Plus, fiber Internet solutions are scalable, ensuring your growing bandwidth needs are continually met.

5. Improved Cloud Access

Today’s businesses increasingly rely on cloud services for data storage and other critical tasks, which depend on the reliable, high-speed connections offered by fiber Internet solutions for optimal performance.

6. Stronger Cyber Security

Purpose-built fiber networks provide inherent advantages in data encryption and access control, reducing your business network’s exposure to threats like hacking, data leaks, and catastrophic disruption events. 

7. Future-Proof Connectivity

Because fiber offers more flexibility and scalability than legacy Internet options, you can easily upgrade your network as needed to deploy emerging technologies that keep your business competitive.

Get Started With High-Speed Internet From Houston’s Leading Provider

Access to high-speed Internet is a key driver for economic growth in Houston and communities statewide in the years ahead. Businesses across every vertical stand to gain many advantages from Internet infrastructure upgrades.

With more than 5,500 miles of fiber across the Greater Houston Area, PS Lightwave offers the high-speed Internet services Houston businesses need to stay connected – no matter what. Trust PS Lightwave to deliver:

  • Burstability for extra bandwidth when you need it
  • Transport capabilities ranging from 10Mbps to 100G
  • Native IPv4 and IPv6 functionality
  • Five-millisecond latency and fewer hops
  • Bidirectional and full duplex bandwidth
  • Local support from our Houston-based Network Operating Center

Ready to experience more business success with our high-speed connectivity? Contact PS Lightwave today to get started.



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