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8 Benefits of Working With Fiber Optic Companies in Houston


The demand for high-speed, reliable Internet is on the rise, leading more organizations to recognize the pivotal role fiber optics play in driving success. With over 60% of Texas currently able to access fiber Internet,1 it’s no wonder this fast, flexible connectivity solution is becoming the standard for businesses across the state.

If you’re still unsure about switching to fiber, we have you covered. Read on to learn about the eight biggest benefits of working with a trusted fiber optic company in Houston for your business Internet needs.

1. Fast Speed

Fiber optic cables send data using light signals, allowing faster speeds than traditional copper-based Internet. Businesses can take advantage of these high speeds to access cloud applications, share large files quickly, enjoy seamless video conferencing, and much more.

2. Reliability

Fiber cables are more resistant to electromagnetic and environmental interference, making fiber Internet more reliable than other connectivity types. Additionally, the right provider can ensure your business stays connected with redundancies built into their network, such as multiple route processors and upstream providers.

3. High Bandwidth

Fiber bandwidth availability is significantly higher than other Internet types. Because of this high availability, you can easily scale your bandwidth up or down to meet changing business needs – without compromising performance.

4. Low Latency

Many cable Internet connections are prone to latency issues, which can be especially challenging for businesses that rely on cloud applications and services. Fiber Internet reduces latency, resulting in quicker response times when connecting to the cloud.

5.  Symmetric Speed

Unlike cable-based Internet,fiber Internet offers symmetrical upload and download speeds. This means it takes approximately the same time to transmit data in both directions, which helps to reduce latency when employees use bandwidth-intensive applications such as video conferencing and real-time collaboration tools.

6. Security

Data transmitted over fiber Internet can be difficult to intercept without physically cutting into the cables, especially when these cables are buried underground or run through secure channels. Additionally, fiber Internet supports encryption protocols and security measures to add an extra layer of data protection.

7. Cost Savings

For many companies, eliminating slow Internet speeds and connectivity issues increases productivity dramatically. And because fiber Internet is more reliable, you can reduce losses due to unplanned outages, downtime, and ongoing maintenance.

8. Future-Proof

Thanks to fiber’s flexibility and scalability, you can easily upgrade your network to meet digital transformation goals. Investing in fiber Internet now helps to ensure your company always has the infrastructure it needs to support current and future connectivity needs.

Boost Your Business Internet in Houston With PS Lightwave

Fiber Internet can help you keep your business competitive in today’s evolving digital landscape, but not all providers are made equal. If you’re looking for the best fiber optic company in Houston, look no further than PS Lightwave.

Our 100% fiber network is the largest private fiber network in our 9 counties, delivering high-speed business Internet throughout the Greater Houston Area. With only five-millisecond latency, fewer hops, and local support, our Internet service helps Houston businesses stay connected – no matter what

Trust PS Lightwave to deliver:

  • Burstability for extra bandwidth
  • Native IPv4 and IPv6 functionality
  • 10Mbps to 100G transport capabilities 
  • 1,600+ lit locations and 3,300 on net locations
  • Facilities-based Metro Ethernet core ring
  • Bidirectional and full duplex bandwidth
  • Houston-based Network Operating Center

Contact PS Lightwave today to learn more about how our high-speed fiber Internet can help you take your business to the next level.



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