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All You Want to Know About Point-to-Point Ethernet & Are Afraid to Ask

This is a unique example of how point-to-point service or point-to-point Internet works with wired or wireless communication.

In a Northern California beachside town, not too far from Bodega Bay made famous by Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”, a local man was so frustrated with his lack of Internet coverage he thought it was only good … for the birds.

That can be infuriating anywhere in America, but especially so when you live less than two hours from tech mecca Silicon Valley.

In a bit of ingenuity, however, the man tracked down the nearest Internet cell tower, negotiated for several months with the carrier, and got a dedicated fiber optic line installed directly to his garage from the tower.

This could be the end of a feel good story, only it gets better, as the man wanted to be a good neighbor and share his Internet wealth with others so he set up his own ISP, transmitting the Internet from his garage to neighbors via small cell transmitters on their roofs.

This is a unique example of how point-to-point service or point-to-point Internet works with wired or wireless communication transmitted over dedicated lines or channels between a single transmitter and single receiver.

The good news is if you are a business owner in the Houston area and could benefit by linking up satellite locations in a point-to-point network, you do not have to hire a backhoe and start laying your own cable. PS LIGHTWAVE has your back with point-to-point Ethernet networks at your service.

Benefits of Point-to-Point Internet

By using PS LIGHTWAVE’S point-to-point Ethernet companies can ensure all locations on their network operate as one, easily and securely sharing voice, data, and video across all sites.

Since the advent of the point-to-point protocol in 1999 some of the main advantages to using this technology are:

  • Security: Point-to-point Ethernet is on dedicated, private lines, not shared by the public, ensuring network security. Information shared between locations is shielded from prying eyes and data encryption is not required.
  • Performance: Point-to-Point Ethernet uses optical fiber which offers reliability, fast speeds, higher data density and low latency so you will not experience delay when running time-sensitive applications. Quality of service is achieved as data is not sent on shared public lines and follows the same secure direct network path every time.
  • Flexibility: Point-to-point Ethernet is completely scalable so it can easily grow as you grow as a company.

Point-to-point Ethernet can be used for applications such as credit card processing, file sharing, data backup, VoIP, and video conferencing.

Strike up the Bandwidth

Another edge of point-to-point Ethernet is that the network has symmetrical speeds between locations so that upstream and downstream speeds are the same.

While in home Internet use, upload speeds are not as important as download speeds, in a business setting, upload speeds can be mission critical, as businesses often send out more data to customers than they receive.

Remote office or cross-office collaboration is efficient with point-to-point Ethernet symmetrical speeds as locations can transmit and receive data at the same speed.

Since you are not sharing the line with others you have a 1:1 contention ratio and thus reduced buffering and lag in video conferencing and VoIP technologies. Live web conferences and data heavy updates are handled smoothly by point-to-point Ethernet.

PS LIGHTWAVE’S Internet offering can support nearly every organization’s needs, with bandwidth ranging from 10 megs to over 40G.

If you are interested in this secure, fast and reliable solution for your business, contact PS LIGTHWAVE today for more information.

PS LIGHTWAVE provides high-speed, fiber Internet for public and private commercial entities in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas.

Through our high-quality infrastructure, innovative technology and expert, locally based support, we deliver not only the best in connectivity and reliability but in scalability and redundancy. We invite you to learn more about our services, our history and our dedicated team.

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