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3 Reasons Symmetrical Upload/Download Speeds Are Important

Here's a look at why symmetrical upload and download speeds are important from an Internet service provider. 

The majority of the Internet service you find today will be not symmetrical in nature. In other words, you’ll get a higher download speed compared to upload speed. The difference between upload and download speeds is often neglected as unimportant. Download speeds affect how quickly you can surf the Internet, stream movies and listen to music, while upload speeds affect how quickly information is sent out, such as when you send an email or upload data to the cloud. It’s actually important for the speeds to be close to the same. Here’s a look at why symmetrical upload and download speeds are important from an Internet service provider. 

You can perform processes efficiently that require both uploading and downloading. 

The majority of online processes require either downloading or uploading data, but this is not always the case with modern Internet processes. Some things you do online actually require both downloading and uploading almost instantaneously. A few examples of processes that utilize both include: 

  • Using a video chat platform — because you are downloading the footage being transmitted and uploading the footage you supply 
  • Playing an online game with other individuals — because interactions require inputs and outputs 
  • Streaming a live video with a live chat included — because you need to send and receive information at the same time 

Avoid issues with bottle-necked data slowing you down. 

When there’s a lot of incoming and outgoing data transferring through your Internet connection, bottlenecks can occur. In general terms, this means the data is all getting caught up in the same narrow passageways, so every process gets slowed down to a trickle. If you have enough bandwidth to support both incoming and outgoing processes, the data can seamlessly fly back and forth without getting stuck and slowing you down. 

You will not lose bandwidth when downloading or uploading. 

Imagine this scenario: you’re in the process of uploading a huge batch of photos to a cloud storage server, but you’re also trying to complete an assignment for work that involves doing a lot of research into online PDF files. If you have an asymmetrical Internet connection to work with, your system is going to be so bogged down by the uploading process that you won’t be able to download the PDF files you need to access. 

Get Symmetrical Internet with PS LIGHTWAVE

You can use the PS LIGHTWAVE Speed Test page to check the current upload and download speeds that you’re getting from your current provider. 

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