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What Types of Businesses Are Online Now?

If you own a business or are considering opening one, you may find yourself wondering what types of businesses are online and thriving now.

More businesses than ever are going online to sell their services and their products. Some businesses are maintaining both a traditional brick-and-mortar store or office while also offering online services, while other businesses are setting up shop solely online. If you own a business or are considering opening one, you may find yourself wondering what types of businesses are online and thriving now. Here are a few of the types of businesses that are thriving online. 


Many retail businesses in malls and shopping centers are failing. They simply cannot match online prices while still bringing in enough money to pay rent, utilities and employees. However, while brick-and-mortar stores are struggling, online retail businesses are thriving. People enjoy shopping online. They can order something without having to deal with traffic, finding a parking spot and waiting in line to check out. The item they purchase is then delivered right to their doorstep, making for an enjoyable shopping experience. While online retail can be competitive, if you have a niche market or a product that people want, you can do well in this arena. 

Virtual-Only Businesses

Virtual-only businesses are also thriving right now. Many positions can be worked from home, including appointment setters, transcription-based work, telemarketers, debt collectors, virtual assistants and medical billings and coders. Virtual-only businesses connect people who offer these services from their home with businesses or companies that can benefit from these services. Often times, these individuals work as independent contractors, rather than employees, which offers many benefits to a business, including cost savings. 

Medical Business

Many doctors are changing their business model as technology has evolved. Instead of having every patient come to their office, many medical businesses are offering video phone consultations and appointments. If you are sick, this can be beneficial, as you never have to leave your home. A doctor can look at a rash or listen to your symptoms and prescribe the medication you need. In other cases, you may simply need a referral to another doctor, such as a specialist. Your doctor can evaluate you over a video chat and get you the referral you need. As a patient, you save time, and the doctor’s office is able to quickly evaluate patients and determine a course of treatment.

Entertainment Businesses

Another type of business that is thriving online right now is the entertainment business. As technology has advanced, more people have access to smart televisions, telephones and tablets that allow them to play videos, music and stream television from anywhere, including their home, office or even on the go. Business that stream music, television shows and movies are all profiting. Some of the top entertainment businesses at this time include Netflix, Hulu, Pandora Music and Apple TV. Disney is even entering the arena, offering its first streaming service. 

Video Games

When people think of video games, they often think of the games that are bought for game consoles, such as PlayStation and xBox. While these consoles are still popular, video games are changing and evolving. You can download free apps or pay apps that allow you to play games right from your phone or tablet. These video games than charge fees if you want to buy special content, such as prize packs or unique levels. In addition to this, there are streaming games that allow you to play from a variety of devices. One of the most popular streaming games right now is Fortnite. While the game may be free to stream, you can pay for additional items, such as weapons or skins, helping the game developers to bring in money. 

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