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What Internet Service Challenges Do Houston-Based Education Providers Face?

What Internet Service Challenges Do Houston-Based Education Providers Face?

The new tools and skills that were leveraged for remote learning have been adopted in today’s in-person classrooms, and the IT needs of students and educational institutions have changed.

These new demands have left classrooms across the Greater Houston Area scrambling to get the resources they need. The education industry faces problems today that diminish students’ ability to learn – including slow, spotty Internet. 

Here are four significant education Internet service challenges schools and districts throughout Houston are facing today:

Unreliable Connectivity

Access to reliable network connectivity is becoming increasingly important for student success. One study found using Internet-connected computers in classrooms can raise students’ reading, science, and math test scores,1 and a survey revealed that 61% of K-12 teachers have continued giving online assignments since returning to campus.2 Without a network infrastructure that provides reliable, high-quality connectivity, educators and students are encountering issues like laggy applications and outages.

High Bandwidth Demands

Another factor contributing to poor network performance is the lack of bandwidth availability needed to support the increased use of cloud-based technologies. While the cloud gives students and teachers quicker, easier access to learning materials, these applications and platforms demand a much higher bandwidth than traditional cable networks can offer.

Poor Network Infrastructure

Providing classrooms with laptops and WiFi doesn’t improve learning experiences without a strong fiber optic network infrastructure to support them. Building and managing an educational institution’s network infrastructure requires a great amount of care and expertise, as it is necessary for the effective, secure, and reliable use of technology in classrooms.

Elevate Your Education Internet Services With PS Lightwave

With so much of your students’ success riding on your facility’s Internet, ensuring you have the most reliable, high-performing option should be your top priority. PS Lightwave services approximately 30 school districts – in addition to higher learning facilities – throughout Texas, and our depth of experience has made us one of the most trusted local providers in education.

Our high-speed fiber network services provide educational institutions with:

  • A wide-area network (WAN) throughout the school district to connect everything from school sites to bus barns, sports facilities, and administrative offices
  • Connectivity that supports students, teachers, and administrative staff through our facilities-based fiber optic network that we own and operate
  • An expansive, established infrastructure throughout the Greater Houston Area
  • Protected data rings for network redundancy and reduced service disruptions
  • Burstability for the ability to use higher bandwidth when needed
  • Internet traffic delivered over a private network for faster connections, lower latency, and fewer hops
  • Knowledgeable, responsive service from our Houston-based support staff

Learn more about how our services support educators or contact PS Lightwave today to elevate your educational institution’s Internet services with our fast, reliable connectivity solutions.



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