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What Are Ethernet Data Circuits?

With the proper infrastructure, Ethernet services can be used for Internet connectivity and can be superior to conventional protocols.

Ethernet is a packet-delivery technology that provides high-speed, secured data access, often for local networks. Ethernet is the driving force behind data transfer and connectivity within many buildings and business campuses, while connections from buildings to more remote locations are usually transmitted over a different data-transfer protocol. Most commonly, “Ethernet” will refer to the wired data connections within a building.

However, with the proper infrastructure, Ethernet services can be used for Internet connectivity—and, when used in this way, it’s superior to conventional protocols. Ethernet data circuits are gaining increased use as businesses find their data needs growing. With an Ethernet data circuit, businesses can transmit data faster, with higher levels of security and reliability. Here’s what you need to know about high speed Ethernet data circuits.

What is an Ethernet Data Circuit?

“Ethernet” refers to both a physical infrastructure and a data transmission protocol. When combined with fiber or T1 connectivity, an Ethernet data circuit creates a fast, reliable, and dedicated Internet service that can match most organization’s needs. As many organizations are now finding T1 connections too slow for their current data needs, they are now looking for alternatives. The alternative is a fiber infrastructure with Ethernet connectivity.

Compared to standard Internet technologies, Layer 2 Ethernet data services will provide higher levels of speed and security, with lower latency and high scalability. Ethernet data circuits are designed to prevent data disruption, by providing ringed data connections that can reroute data as needed to avoid damaged portions of the network.

The Advantages of Ethernet Data

PS LIGHTWAVE’s layer 2 Ethernet data solution is built upon a 100% optical fiber backbone, providing network redundancy and reliability with additional ring protection. PS LIGHTWAVE’s ring protection is a redundant, switched system that can easily reroute data as needed, moving data away from potentially damaged paths. These networks are designed to reduce potential network disruption, while the 100% optical fiber backbone offers high speed access. 

A major advantage to Ethernet data circuits is that they can provide critical data transfer and reliability for businesses that are transmitting, creating, and storing large volumes of data, such as businesses that are warehousing their own data centers. As security becomes a larger concern for many businesses, the security advantages of the Ethernet system also becomes a notable advantage.


Ultimately, Ethernet data is a way that businesses can achieve better scalability and speed with their Internet services, by taking advantage of a large scale fiber network. When combined with fiber technology, an Ethernet data circuit creates a scalable, burstable, future-proofed system fast enough to meet any organization’s needs. To learn more about the benefits of Ethernet data circuits, contact the experts at PS LIGHTWAVE

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