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Utilizing DISC for Better Intracompany Communication

We have created a program that pairs each behavioral type with an element of nature and we’ve created symbols that represent each element.

By Jennifer Henderson, PS LIGHTWAVE Communications Manager

At PS Lightwave, we use the DISC Assessment as a tool toward a better understanding of, and better communication with one another. DISC is the most widely used tool of its kind, and offers a comprehensive overview of the way people interact with one another, and process information from those interactions. “DISC” is an acronym for: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness, the four behavior types identified in the assessment.

We have created a program that pairs each behavioral type with an element of nature and we’ve created symbols that represent each element. During onboarding, new team members are given the opportunity to take the DISC Assessment, and have their behavioral type symbol on their desk nameplate.

To find out if they are a D, I, S, or C behavior type, team members answer a short multiple-choice quiz designed to measure their natural responses in a variety of circumstances.

Primary applications of the DISC Personality Profile include:

  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Building leadership abilities
  • Diffusing interpersonal conflict
  • Choosing attainable goals
  • Boosting performance and productivity
  • Increasing motivation
  • Strengthening workplace skills
  • Constructing strong teams
  • Cultivating productive work habits
  • Making smart hiring decisions

DISC does not:

  • Classify people into good or bad
  • Give high or low scores or in any way
  • Classify people into better or worse
  • Limit a person’s ability to develop in another direction or work environment
  • Measure intelligence, professional skills, or attitudes

“I like knowing how a person prefers to be approached, before approaching them. Some people prefer a “Good Morning” and a bit of small talk, and others prefer you get straight to the point. Neither of these preferences is right or wrong, and I like to meet people where they are when I’m asking something of them. The DISC Symbols help to remind me of that.” – Amy J. Executive Assistant to the CEO

All of the elements of PS Lightwave are necessary, and carry their own strengths. We can use our varying strengths to ensure that PS Lightwave grows and flourishes. We all have something valuable to bring to the table.

D – Dominance FIRE

Without fire we would have no sun. Fire is our driving force. I am the energy of the company.

  • Ask “what” questions
  • Stick to BUSINESS
  • Outline Possible RESULTS
  • SOLVE Problems!
  • STRESS LOGIC of Ideas

Relate everything to the Overall GOAL!

I – Influence AIR

Air is uplifting. It’s refreshing. I inspire and help carry people to new heights of greatness.

  • Ensure you allow them to VOICE THEIR IDEAS
  • Provide Ideas About TAKING ACTION
  • Keep it LIGHT and FUN
  • Outline Possible RESULTS

PROVIDE INCENTIVES for taking on tasks

S – Steadiness WATER

Water molds to its surroundings. It carries lots of weight, but it is also flexible. I go with the flow. I am calming and empathetic.

  • Provide a SINCERE and FRIENDLY and AGREEABLE Environment
  • Show SINCERE INTEREST in them as a person
  • ASK “HOW” questions to get their opinions
  • BE PATIENT when you ask for their input
  • Present ideas in a NON-THREATENING MANNER
  • Give enough time to ADJUST TO CHANGES


C – Conscientiousness EARTH

The earth is grounded. It is precise with time and procedure. I am Focused. I am Careful. I am Accurate.

  • Take time to prepare your IDEAS IN ADVANCE
  • Provide Straight PROS AND CONS of Ideas
  • Support your ideas with ACCURATE DATA
  • Don’t spring SURPRISES or CHANGES on them
  • Provide EXACT DETAIL of what the job entails
  • Provide a STEP-BY –STEP approach to the goal

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