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Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Extreme Fabric Connect

Here are 10 things that you need to know about Extreme Fabric Connect. 

The enhanced implementation of Shortest Path Bridging that radically advances network availability and agility, Extreme Fabric Connect is truly an innovative solution that offers a number of benefits. Here are 10 things that you need to know about Extreme Fabric Connect. 

According to a recent publication by Extreme Networks, here are the top 10 things you need to know about Extreme Fabric Connect. 

Using Extreme Fabric Connect, organizations can now build a robust, reliable, scalable and virtualized architecture. Eliminating complex protocol overlays allows faster recovery times, easier management and simplified troubleshooting. Fabric Connect supports Layer 2, Layer 3, IP Routing and IP Multicast services with a single, integrated and intelligent next-generation technology.

1. More Than Just a Spanning Tree Replacement 

Extreme Fabric Connect delivers the full breadth of desired integrated services, including Layer 2 virtualized services, Layer 3 virtualized services (with multiple Virtual Routing and Forwarding instances), and fully optimized IP Routing and IP Multicast services. As a result, Fabric Connect enables businesses to migrate away from a host of legacy overlay technologies (such as STP, OSPF, RIP, BGP and PIM) and to enable all services with a single technology. 

2. More Than Just the Data Center 

Extreme Fabric Connect extends network-wide, providing a single service end-to-end delivery model. With Fabric Connect, you can extend the power of virtualization into the Campus and into geographically dispersed Branch Offices. Services can then easily be deployed via simple end-point provisioning at the points where Users and Application attach. 

3. Accelerates Time-to-Service Through Edge-Only Provisioning 

Fabric Connect offers new levels of flexibility in network design and allows you to make changes to existing services in days rather than weeks or months. It allows any logical topology to be built, whether it is Layer 2, Layer 3 or a combination of the two — anywhere where there is Ethernet connectivity. 

4. Natively Supports Data Center Interconnect 

Fabric Connect offers a single end-to-end service construct that can extend between multiple geographically dispersed Data Centers without requiring any overlay protocols or complex protocol stitching. This allows for resource sharing, seamless VM mobility and true active-active connectivity between Data Centers and any other Ethernet-connected location.  

5. Delivers PIM-Free IP Multicast That is Scalable, Resilient and Easy to Manage

IP Multicast is making a comeback. Extreme Fabric Connect offers an efficient way of supporting IP Multicast Routing. Imagine a Multicast network without RPF checks, rendezvous points and complex configuration. 

6. Inherent Secure/Stealth Capabilities  

Extreme Fabric Connect offers fully integrated Virtual Routing and Forwarding Instances. This allows private isolated IP networks to be easily set up across the network without reachability in or out. This can be used to support multi-tenant environments or to enhance security by segmenting the network end-to-end to isolate critical information and customer data. Some of the attributes of this capacity include: Hyper-Segmentation, Inherent Stealth, and Elasticity. 

7. “Lightning Fast” Convergence Times (Sub-Second) 

The elimination of overlay protocols has a profound impact on the ability for the network to reconverge. Customers can experience recovery times of less than 50 milliseconds — network-wide — for core, link or node failures. 

8. Scalability to 16 Million Unique Services  

Extreme Fabric Connect, being based on the Shortest Path Bridging standard, supports a 24-bit header that allows it to scale up to 16 million unique services. Many network virtualization technologies are based on original VLAN virtualization, which limits them to a maximum of 4,096 individual services. 

9. It Offers Proven Interoperability with Third-Party SPB Implementations 

Extreme Networks is committed to delivering open and interoperable solutions to the market. They actively work with other vendors to demonstrate Shortest Path Bridging interoperability through a series of public tests.  

10. An Important Foundation for a Truly Automated Network 

To provide a simple and flexible network, you must first eliminate complexity when focusing on automation. Rather than adding overlays or additional protocols and creating even more complexity, Fabric Connect abstracts the Control Plane and opens this up for integration with orchestration and automation solutions. 


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