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The Importance of Data Connectivity

Today, if a major consumer website experiences even a brief issue with connectivity, it can make front-page news.

“Connectivity” is defined in various ways by a selection of dictionaries including the Cambridge, Oxford, and Merriam-Webster editions. The Business Dictionary defines it as “Measure of the extent to which the components of a network are connected to one another, and the ease with which they can converse.” Even more simply, it’s how many components are connected and how fast they can talk to each other. But there’s another critical aspect of connectivity not found in these definitions: reliability. After all, without reliability, the extent of connected devices and speed of communication has minimized value. So, for practical purposes, connectivity is the blend of the extent of devices, the speed of the connection, and the reliability of the network. Any minimization of any of the three elements reduces connectivity. Improving them increases connectivity.

We have come to take this connectivity for granted. It wasn’t that long ago, however, that websites and networks would routinely experience downtime. Today, if a major consumer website experiences even a brief issue with connectivity, it can make front-page news. It can also lead to significant financial loss.

Connectivity is King”

It doesn’t take long to recognize the importance of connectivity in our daily lives and why many feel “Connectivity is King.” We’ve come to rely on it for our communications, news and entertainment. Much of our shopping is dependent on it, as is our ability to get directions. Our banking and security systems rely on it and, as we move forward, it will play an ever-increasing role in how smoothly our lives operate. Improvements in blockchain technology, self-driving vehicles and medical applications will place more importance on connectivity than ever before.

The Cloud and Connectivity

It wasn’t that long ago that the “cloud” had its doubters. There were concerns about accessibility, security and the reliability of placing so much data in shared data centers. Today, it’s hard to imagine how so much data in the forms of video, graphics, files and more could be managed in any other way, not to mention the number of devices this data can be accessed with. For some large providers, cellphone connectivity was a huge marketing advantage for many years. Today, the differences are, to a great degree, marginalized. The point is that, like the electricity in our homes and offices, we’ve come to have expectations of reliability. But our expectations are not just increasing in terms of reliability. They are also increasing in speed and extent of devices.

Our Role in Connectivity

PS LIGHTWAVE is the consultative data-connectivity provider for public and private entities in the Greater Houston area. Through our high-quality infrastructure, innovative technology and superior level of support, we deliver not only the best in connectivity and reliability but in scalability and redundancy. You’ll also appreciate that the PS in our name stands for “Pure Speed.” We fully understand that technology is a moving target, and we understand the people and infrastructure of the Greater Houston area. We are nimble, flexible and responsive, and we embrace leading-edge technologies that improve the customer experience. We invite you to learn more. Visit our website or contact us. Concerned about connectivity? Think PS LIGHTWAVE.

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