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Tech Forecast for 2019: 6 Technologies Going Mainstream This Year

With so many amazing advancements made in the tech world in recent years, 2019 will definitely bring some major developments to the forefront of this industry.

With so many amazing advancements made in the tech world in recent years, 2019 will definitely bring some major developments to the forefront of this industry. Many of the tech advancements on the horizon promise to revolutionize the personal and professional lives of people across the globe. To get hyped for what this year may bring, check out the following 6 technologies going mainstream in 2019.


From local governments to big banking entities, everyone is rushing to incorporate blockchain technology into their operations. Blockchain has the power and security needed to speed up online transactions and other digital operations while virtually eliminating risks of tampering. This precise digital ledger became popular with its usage in cryptocurrency systems, but it can work for many different industries, including real estate, Internet of Things (IoT) among many other supply chain operations. To support this shift toward integrating this technology, blockchain as a service (BaaS) will likely appear on the market from industry leaders, like IBM, with others to follow soon after.

Quantum Computing Blockchain

Through the Q Experience by IBM, nearly anyone can run experiments and algorithms using quantum computing principles. This amazing opportunity has opened the doors for the wider adoption of quantum computing for solving complex problems across most fields. The healthcare and cybersecurity industries, in particular, can benefit from the advanced computer power, especially when combined with artificial intelligence tech. Supercomputers of yesteryear can’t come close to comparing to the power of the quantum systems, offering unimaginable opportunities for advancement in the coming year.

Machine Learning

Machine learning has opened the doors for the advancement of artificial intelligence across a number of fields. The artificial intelligence systems automatically learn and build their knowledge bases to great benefit of the IT, customer service and manufacturing fields. These systems show great promise in their ability to add automation throughout to streamline company operations across the board. AI devices may also help improve workflows by automating back-office tasks, including credentialing. With the various options of cloud providers, you can thousands of ML libraries available within reach. Customer experience is so closely tied to connected data, and machine learning is one critical part of this equation.

Personal Robotics

With the advancement in AI and machine learning comes the ability to produce personal robots that can complete a variety of tasks. Each robot can handle a specific set of tasks for its owner, including picking up and carrying heavy boxes across uneven terrain. The robots can also simply provide conversation and company to people who do not have much social interaction each day. With all the recent tech developments, the sky’s the limit in determining the set tasks each robot will perform. Using machine learning principles, the robots may slowly learn information and even how to complete other tasks, increasing their utility as time goes on. 

Smart Living 

Smart living devices have taken over modern homes to boost the convenience and satisfaction of everyone in the household. Through 2019, more and more households will integrate digital personal assistants and household managers to control everything from the lighting to the security system. These systems can do everything imaginable from changing the color of the lights in each room to flushing the toilet on command. With their voice-activation systems, these devices allow for multitasking and collaboration across the household, making them a must-have tech upgrade for any home. 

5G Data Delivery

Although 5G connections have long been available through Wi-Fi, mobile providers are integrating this channel into their offerings in 2019. These next-gen mobile networks offer faster download and upload speeds than ever before. With this connection, you can access large files within seconds of clicking the download button on your phone. The 5G connectivity will also extend to many other devices — including self-driving cars — to increase the speed of their online interactions for near-instant response times.

Each year brings the most exciting tech advancements to the attention and delight of the masses — and 2019 is no exception. Look ahead for signs of these tech advancements changing the way you live, work and play for the better. 

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