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Robert Jacobs

Robert Jacobs joined Pure Speed Lightwave as Network Architect Director in 2014 and moved to the role of Director of Project Engineering in 2017. Prior to joining Pure Speed LIGHTWAVE, Mr. Jacobs worked at Phonoscope Enterprise Group as Network Director since 1998.

In 2020, PS Lightwave acquired a data center and Robert, with his years of experience working with and in data centers and colo facilities, was moved to Data Center Manager in June 2020. The Lighthouse Data Center is a vital part of the expanding Pure Speed Lightwave service offerings. Since purchasing the data center, Robert helped design and oversee a large expansion and improvement project to double the amount of server space and modernize support systems where needed. He is there to ensure the lights are always on and things are nice and cool. With a background in communications, deep knowledge of networking, and hands-on experience, he brings a fresh approach to the evolving world of telecommunications and broadband services.

Mr. Jacobs has a clear vision of innovative ways to grow Pure Speed Lightwave and our services. Involved with all aspects of our metro fiber and data network upgrades, Mr. Jacobs applies his unique insight when keeping up with today’s ever-changing demands and growth. He oversees network design and provisioning for new large network upgrades.

Mr. Jacobs is a member of The North American Network Operators Group (NANOG), American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), and InfraGard (a partnership with the FBI for cyber protection). An avid cyclist, he is also a member of the Northwest Cycling Club of Houston. He is a USA Cycling race member and annually participates in numerous volunteer activities and charity cycling events, including the MS 150 from Houston to Austin.