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PS LIGHTWAVE Selects John Lambert as Vice President of Operations

PS LIGHTWAVE is pleased to announce that John Lambert has joined the PS LIGHTWAVE management team as the new Vice President of Operations.

PS LIGHTWAVE is pleased to announce that John Lambert, former Vice President of Technical Operations for enTouch Systems, has joined the PS LIGHTWAVE management team as the new Vice President of Operations. Former VP of Operations, David Caddle, was promoted to the position of Chief Revenue Officer, where he will be responsible for all revenue generation processes at PS LIGHTWAVE.

Mr. Lambert brings 26 years of experience in business development, financial performance and staff productivity to his new role with PS LIGHTWAVE. During his previous tenure with enTouch Systems and Grande Communications, Mr. Lambert launched successful network upgrades and gained expertise in capital approval processes, customer retention and satisfaction, new product launches, higher market penetration rates and increases in reoccurring monthly revenue and earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA).  

PS LIGHTWAVE staff caught up with Mr. Lambert recently to discuss his career in telecommunications.

How did your career create value in your life? How has it shaped who you are?

I started in this industry 26 years ago as an installation technician. The value of hard work and dedication, with its constant emphasis on providing superior customer satisfaction and service, has enabled me to grow my career to where it is today. Starting from the frontline and moving up through the ranks of business has allowed me to experience success on many levels, as well as opportunities to be mentored by many along the way. The insights these experiences have brought me professionally and personally are priceless.

What types of networks have you managed? How will you use your knowledge to improve PS LIGHTWAVE’s market presence?

I have been responsible for layer 2 and 3 networks as well as DWDM/CWDM networks. This experience directly relates to how we operate at PS LIGHTWAVE.

Did you say you are a native of Texas?

I am a native Texan. I was born in Ft Worth and grew up in the Johnson County area.

Who would you consider your mentor? How did this person help you achieve your goals?

I have had many mentors that have helped me. My mentors have provided great training and advice and many examples of “what not to do” as well. The lessons have been invaluable.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in telecommunications?

It has been and continues to be a rewarding experience. You directly impact the lives of your customers and build strong relationships. You are building something greater than yourself, and it takes a team to make it happen. Building relationships is the most rewarding experience of all. Additionally, helping people meet and exceed business objectives; serving as a mentor to staff and watching as their careers take off; teaching someone a new skill and seeing the excitement the learning experience brings; being there when someone needs a safe place in which to vent or share a personal loss; all of these are reasons I love this business.

How will your approach to network management differ in PS LIGHTWAVE’s business-to-business environment versus the business-to-consumer environment at enTouch?

The focus on reliability and being a good fit for the customer are the main differences I see. Operations should be cohesive on all levels. We need to be transparent in our service delivery. Projects and services need to be accurate and on time, and the activation has to be flawless. All of these are simple rules we must follow to improve the customer experience. Achieving each objective is about tracking the right measurable and applying accountability throughout the organization to achieve these goals.

What internal changes would you like to see incorporated at the operational level?

Identifying departmental KPI’s, and tracking them weekly, monthly and quarterly. There are a thousand moving parts in operations, much more than any other department. The network never sleeps and neither do its consumers, so we must be always on, and always ready. It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hustle and bustle but having the right metrics to review helps direct focus where it is needed to keep things on track.

What do you see as the future of telecommunications?

5G will provide business opportunity in due time. Houston will no doubt be a focus.

Do you foresee additional service offerings in our market?

Yes. More network security services, larger (information transport) pipes and dedicated circuits.

What do you consider your greatest work accomplishment?

Helping Grande Communications grow from the ground up and seeing many careers flourish in the process. Until recently, I also served as the SCTE’s Hill Country Chapter President.

John Lambert is married to Valerie Lambert and has five children: three girls and two boys. His eldest daughter is a special education teacher at Burleson ISD just outside of Ft. Worth, where she also coaches basketball, volleyball and track. His second eldest daughter lives in Pensacola, Florida and is engaged to a U.S. Marine. His eldest son is in the U.S. Navy and currently resides in Japan as a hospital corpsman attached to the U.S. Marines, and his second eldest son is in the U.S. Army and is stationed at Fort Hood. His youngest daughter married a military man, recently joining her husband at Ft. Hood, where he serves in the U.S. Army.

Please extend a warm welcome to John Lambert!

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