Great Connections Happen Here.™

Our company values are the foundation for our operations — both internally and externally — and include: Growth, Respect, Integrity and Trust. 

Our customers place trust in our people and services, and in turn, we nurture this trust by applying our company values to our interactions and relationships with customers. These company values are not idealistic values chosen by corporate leadership. They were cultivated through small group conversations with employees across our entire organization and, like our company tagline of “Great Connections Happen Here™”, these values effectively communicate our commitment to superior service. 

GRIT in Action Through the PS Lightwave Proven Process

We developed our process based on the book, Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman.

According to the book, there is a proven way you provide your service or product to your customers. You do it every time and it produces the same result. It’s what got you where you are. What you need to do is capture that process in a visual format to guide your sales team. It should be encompassed on one single piece of paper, it must illustrate your proven process and it must have a name. It should show each step, from the first client interaction to the ongoing follow-up once your product or service has been delivered. 

Within our team, David Caddle led the process to create the PS Lightwave Proven Process. He held several sessions with his sales team and came up with the high level view of the experience and predictable steps that our customers should expect from working with our team. As our values are an essential part of our business approach, the group felt that GRIT should be integral in what any customer should expect us to deliver. 


To gain a little insight on our proven process, please see the following video. It outlines the six steps in our proven process that we use when engaging with our team internally, and with our customers. 

Proven Process Team Video

PS LIGHTWAVE is the consultative data-connectivity provider for public and private entities in the Greater Houston area. Through our high-quality infrastructure, innovative technology and superior level of support, we deliver not only the best in connectivity and reliability but in scalability and redundancy.
You’ll also appreciate that the PS in our name stands for “Pure Speed.” We fully understand that technology is a moving target, and we understand the people and infrastructure of the Greater Houston area. We are nimble, flexible and responsive, and we embrace leading-edge technologies that improve the customer experience. We invite you to learn more.  Concerned about connectivity? Think PS LIGHTWAVE.