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ICE – Digital Workplace Conference

One of our very own, Lisa Cervantez, recently had the opportunity to attend the ICE - Digital Workplace Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

One of our very own, Lisa Cervantez, recently had the opportunity to attend the ICE – Digital Workplace Conference in San Antonio, Texas. The digital conference focused on addressing the forces impacting work today and how leading organizations are leveraging digital workplace tools to improve communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing and employee engagement across their business.

She shared her story below about winning a seat to the conference, and her experience of the digital workplace. 

Lisa Cervantez on Winning her FREE Package

“So, a couple months ago, I received an email from our president. She had information on a software conference and they were giving away 25 free packages to attend. I sent in my information along with a little blurb about how Digital Workplace Transformation could make a difference in our organization. And, what do you know, I won! Three days and two nights at the luxurious JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort Spa. Oh, and the software conference too.

I didn’t know anything about Igloo Software before I went, except I had a half-baked suspicion that they were somehow related to Igloo Coolers (they’re not). It turns out that the company is pretty cool. Based in Toronto, it began as an intranet, but evolved into a workplace environment. You launch it when you turn on your computer in the morning, and much of your workday can be accessed from it. Check your email, get to your SharePoint, see what’s new on the company social media channels and read the latest post from the CEO. The goal is to engage all the employees with a branded, easy to use platform.

Image Courtesy of of IGLOO

In case I sound like a paid spokesperson, let me tell you that the resort itself was amazing. They provided an evening social gathering out at one of their pavilions. You walked, and walked, and walked to get there. A skunk crossed my path on the way (is that bad luck?). But, totally worth the effort! Great food, plus fun conversations with people from all over.

Photo from breakout session at the conference

I saw a hawk flying and enjoyed a fabulous sunset. We watched a rainstorm make its way across the nearby hills and I decided to call it a night. There was a soft bed and insanely fluffy pillows calling my name. But I heard that many of the more adventurous stayed considerably later to enjoy the live music, play giant Jenga and partake of the signature margaritas.

Photo of IGLOO support booth in the break area

Anyway, the rest of the conference was equally well done – both by the presenters and by the resort itself. I didn’t think I’d be ready to come back when it was time. It turns out that you can only absorb a certain amount of information before your brain goes tilt. And no matter how soft and fluffy the bed is, it doesn’t hold a candle to the one at home.” 

ICE 2018 Digital Workplace Conference

This is the recap video from the conference this year in San Antonio, Texas. #ICEbyIgloo 

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