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How Do Point-to-Point Data Circuits Benefit Businesses?

point to point ethernet lines

From wireless to 5G and beyond, companies have plenty of Internet connectivity choices. However, not all network solutions are equal, and choosing the wrong option often results in slow, unreliable service that can hinder productivity and stunt business growth.

If you’re looking for a fast connection that guarantees high bandwidth, security, and reliability throughout your business, point-to-point Ethernet is your best fit. In this blog, we’ll explain how point-to-point data circuits benefit business connectivity – and how you can harness these benefits for your network.

What Is a Point-to-Point Connection?

A point-to-point connection is a secure link between two points in a private network. This connection can be wired or wireless and is available in a range of bandwidth speeds to ensure your business connectivity needs are always met. Because point-to-point data circuits don’t travel over the public Internet, businesses can enjoy highly-secured, lightning-fast connectivity.

Point-to-point connections differ from other options like multi-point communications which involve sharing data among points on a shared network. This configuration doesn’t provide the same level of security and privacy as point-to-point data circuits since the communication channel is shared between multiple endpoints. 

Benefits of Point-to-Point for Business Connectivity

Point-to-point data circuits are available in a range of service levels, but they’re typically used by businesses requiring secure, high-bandwidth connectivity. Rely on point-to-point Ethernet for:

Reliable Performance

When data is sent over the public Internet, it may be routed differently depending on usage or rerouted several times throughout its journey. This can result in performance issues like high latency and packet loss, reducing employee productivity and efficiency.

Point-to-point connections send data across a dedicated, private fiber optic cable route, which allows for a consistently high quality of service. For the many mission-critical services now based in the cloud, the high amount of bandwidth provided by point-to-point data circuits also boosts application performance.

Improved Security

Point-to-point connectivity isn’t a shared service, making it optimal for sensitive business applications like file sharing, backup, VoIP, video conferencing, and credit card processing. Because these connections are so secure, limited data encryption is typically needed. However, many providers offer encryption with their point-to-point services for businesses requiring a very high degree of security, such as government or finance. 

PS Lightwave: Houston’s Premier Point-to-Point Connectivity Provider

Slow, unreliable network connectivity can cost your business customers. Get the speed and performance you need with point-to-point data circuits from PS Lightwave.

PS Lightwave leverages 5,500 miles of diverse fiber routes and 1,400 on-net locations to provide dependable, secure point-to-point communications throughout the Greater Houston Area and surrounding communities.

When you work with PS Lightwave for your network connectivity needs, you gain:

  • The dependability of a larger provider – with the personalized touch and local support required to meet the needs of your growing business.
  • Built-in redundancy, minimal interruptions, and greater security with our state-of-the-art switched Layer 2 infrastructure.
  • Ongoing support and monitoring of the physical health of the network.

Contact us to learn more about how our large, private network and personalized point-to-point connectivity services can boost your network reliability today.

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