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Hosted PBX Keeps Businesses Up and Running During COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has highlighted the benefit of Hosted PBX as a business continuity strategy to prepare against the unexpected.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the benefit of Hosted PBX, especially the network-based service as a business continuity strategy to prepare against the unexpected.

While nobody could have predicted the coronavirus crisis and its consequences, those companies with Hosted PBX were able to make seamless transitions to remote working thanks to the mobility and portability of the cloud-based phone system.

The key benefits of Hosted PBX, including cost savings, scalability, and enhanced features are why global technology research company Technavio estimated that the Hosted PBX marked will grow from 2020 to 2024 by $23.89 billion.

The cost savings of Hosted PBX cannot be understated as companies are faced with cash flow problems due to the pandemic. Reduction in total cost of ownership is a major factor driving the cloud-based PBX market, according to a Fortune Business Insights report.

Even before the advent of VoIP, Hosted PBX was an option for smaller companies that could not afford the outlay for on-premise PBX.

We have come a long way from those systems of the 1960s, however, and there are key benefits that make Hosted PBX the last phone system you will ever need.

Cost Savings

Hosted PBX cost savings are immediate as it requires no large upfront capital expenditures on hardware.

Since you are not purchasing an expensive legacy phone system then you do not have the cost of maintenance or upgrades to equipment. PS Lightwave even covers the phone hardware warranty for its Hosted PBX customers.

With Hosted PBX you pay a flat rate per phone per month and that is it with no hidden costs.

Those cost savings extend to your company not experiencing downtime to take on-premise PBX systems offline for updating, repairs or maintenance.

Completely Scalable

PS Lightwave’s Hosted PBX is completely scalable so the system can grow as you grow your business. As your business expands, you can easily add new users to your account.

The cloud-based system can add new capabilities and improvements without equipment upgrades.

Enhanced Features

Hosted PBX has all the features you come to expect with traditional PBX and additional enhanced features to make your business more productive.

Capabilities include:

  • Web portals for end-users and administrators
  • Desktop and mobile apps enable features such as Instant Messaging (IM), Call Jump, video calling, and click-to-dial within Outlook
  • Features businesses have come to rely on such as simultaneous ring, voicemail, auto attendant, call forwarding, 3-way conferencing, hunt groups and music-on-hold
  • Optional contact center with call queuing, monitoring, and reporting capabilities

PS Lightwave’s Accession software is a full-fledged unified communications tool on your laptop or desktop. It enables users to integrate voice, video, IM, and email into a single platform for communication.

Accession allows you to see the real-time status of co-workers – available, offline, on the phone, or in a meeting. It also integrates with CRM applications such as Salesforce or Sugar CRM and business productivity tools like Google apps and WebEx.

Mobility and Portability

Hosted PBX enables companies to put a phone anywhere with an Internet connection, a benefit crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic.

PS Lightwave’s mobile app – Accession Communicator – integrates a phone, tablet, or laptop into your business communications.

Send and receive calls, instant messages, or video calls from any device connected to the Internet. Call Jump allows you to move a call silently and seamlessly to any other device.

Business Continuity

For those of those in the Great Houston Metropolitan Area we know all about the importance of business continuity plans with events such as Hurricane Harvey in 2017 disrupting life.

Hosted PBX benefits your business continuity since calls are processed on PS Lightwave’s network and not at your site.

Your business facility can close, and communications will not be interrupted. Disruptions can even be automatically sensed, and calls routed to other locations or devices.

If you are interested in how PS Lightwave’s Hosted PBX, Hosted Voice, can benefit your Houston area business with a best-in-class phone system contact us today for more information.

PS LIGHTWAVE provides high-speed, fiber Internet for public and private commercial entities in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas.

Through our high-quality infrastructure, innovative technology and expert, locally based support, we deliver not only the best in connectivity and reliability but in scalability and redundancy. We invite you to learn more about our services, our history and our dedicated team.

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