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Extreme Connect 2018 Conference

Swen Wulf, Director of Network Operations recently attended Extreme Networks' first ever global customer-focused user conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Swen Wulf, Director of Network Operations recently attended Extreme Networks’ first ever global customer-focused user conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. The conference included technical breakout sessions, peer networking forums and access to in-depth discussions across the entire Extreme portfolio from the access layer through the data center.

During the event, he participated in a two-day training session that focused on Extreme’s Fabric Connect, a new way based on shortest path bridging to build resilient, secure and agile networks.

Customer Focused 

The conference was attended by over 500 people from over 21 different countries. Extreme Networks is serving over 30,000 customers, of which serves 50% of those are represented in the Fortune 500. With just over 3,200 employees at Extreme Networks, in over 80 countries, the company invested an additional 40 million into their physical infrastructure, software and platforms to be able to grow. Employing a new leadership team three years ago, the company embraced a strategy that focused on the customer.

This change meant saying “no” to a lot of things, resetting the previous plans for Extreme Networks, while waiting for the opportunities that allowed Extreme Networks to add to their portfolio of products and services.

They went from being #13 in the network space to #3, while Cisco and HP make up place 1 and 2. To stay customer focused, they needed input from customers, and thus created the CAC (Customer Advisory Council) which included, Robert Jacobs, our Network Architect & Director.

Extreme CEO, Ed Meyercord, shared the focus on the following core values: Candor, Transparency, Ownership, Curiosity, and Teamwork.

Candor: Having real conversation

Transparency: Being open, truthful

Ownership: Act like owners, having some skin in the game

Curiosity: Learning 

Teamwork: Working together

The Extreme Networks values do align with that of PS Lightwave well. We believe in GRIT. Growth, Respect, Integrity and Trust.

Elevate Your Game 

Extreme is used everywhere. From letting troops that are deployed in war zones participate in the birth of their children via videoconferencing to how the CERN particle accelerator’s data is distributed to 11,000 scientists across 100 countries using Extreme Networks.

Swen was asked to stand in and be recognized during the opening of the conference on behalf of Robert Jacobs, who is very active on the Extreme Networks community forum called “The Hub”. Robert was instrumental in the initial roll-out of the very first Ethernet data circuits deployed here in Houston utilizing the earliest Extreme Network switches in the late 1990s. Robert was a member of Extreme’s CAC small group of influential customers, and was on the council from the very beginning.

Digital Transformation 

Eric Broockman, Chief Engineer and Technology Officer of Extreme talked about Digital Transformation. A lot of core technology have emerged over the last few years: IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Mobile, Cyber Security and AI & Robotics. Digital Transformation is tapping into all these technologies to assist with efficiency, lowering costs, customer retention and increased probability.

Digital Transformation is coming and you are either the disrupter or the disrupted said Eric Broockman. Look at Airbnb or Uber and how they leverage the cloud, engage people and lead the digital transformation. Extreme wants to make the digital transformation easy and provide the software and hardware to automate, analyze and run applications on open software platforms with easy and programmable ASICs.

Our team is already looking forward to Extreme Connect 2019 – we look forward to seeing you in Nashville. 

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