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Cyber Security Breaches and Internet Solutions at PS LIGHTWAVE

As one of the largest service providers of high-speed Internet and ethernet in the Greater Houston area, PS LIGHTWAVE has a stake in cyber security.

As one of the largest service providers of high-speed Internet and ethernet in the Greater Houston area, PS LIGHTWAVE has a stake in cyber security. Whenever we hear that a major corporation like McDonald’s has been cyber attacked or public Peloton bicycles could be hacked by security cameras, we come to full attention. No one wants to be the victim in such an attack.

For those we work with in our public and private services, we search for solutions to ensure those clients can remain safe and calm in such a storm of cyber attacks. Check out the latest news about cyber security breaches to gain insight into ways to prevent such an attack as a business entity.

Gamers and Fast Food Diners Beware

Summer hacking has been hot. So far, since May 2021, CNN reports that a number of corporations have been cyber attacked, resulting in huge customer security breaches—and in one case, actual spy camera footage.

At the video game software giant Electronic Arts, hackers stole source code for Frostbite games, including Battlefield, Madden and FIFA. More than 780 gigabytes of data was stolen, according to the CNN report. McDonald’s fast-food chain restaurants were also attacked in June 2021 as announced by The Washington Post.

This time the hackers hit customers in the US, Taiwan and South Korea. Unauthorized activity was discovered on internal networks at McDonald’s and some employee and customer information was exposed. However, none of that information was payment related, including credit card data.

The same cannot be said for Peloton. This is the company that sells and installs $2,495 Bike+ in homes and gyms—along with cameras and high-speed connectivity—straight to an official Peloton instructor and live studio. It is a lot. However, there is more. According to McAfee, the company that sells cyber security software including malware, as of June 2021, there was a major breach of touchscreen security in the Peloton bikes.

Simply using a portable USB drive, hackers in public areas like bike gyms could remotely view bike riders, as well as record what the riders were doing. As McAfee reports, “[Hackers] can also decrypt the bike’s encrypted communications with the various cloud services and databases it accesses, potentially intercepting all kinds of sensitive information.”

Talk about creepy. Fortunately, there were not any actual reported incidents. But the ability to do this as discovered by a major company like McAfee shows the risk for similar exercise bicycles or equipment that uses Wi Fi, video conferencing, and/or USB ports for connecting to personal equipment.

Solutions at PS LIGHTWAVE

Our solutions are network secured using best practices in the telecommunications and Internet industries. We constantly update these practices based on the latest news, trends and technology coming into the market as we see fit. Sometimes we have a client solution that is quickly implemented as a go-to patch for a cyber security risk for all of our clients.

We also use Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to increase data protection for our core network. This network includes more than 5,500 fiber route miles with high-speed Internet that has a 5 millisecond latency and bidirectional, full duplex bandwidth.

It all starts with understanding what is happening in the world of cyber security and cyber attacks. Along with maintaining an updated file and account of the news, we also consistently work with new clients within our network to come up with helpful solutions. Let us be a part of your team and solve those cyber security issues you are struggling with today.

Consult With PS LIGHTWAVE Today

PS LIGHTWAVE is located in Houston, Texas. Our firm serves as a high-speed Internet, ethernet, VoIP, and dark fiber routes consultative in public and private organizations local to the Greater Houston area. For example, we provide technology and infrastructure resources and technology solutions for more than 30 school districts in the state.

Within our Houston network we have six cities connected, including League City, Pearland, Baytown, Pasadena and Sugarland. For public and private entities in search of cyber security solutions in high-quality infrastructure and technology, contact PS LIGHTWAVE today. We serve an extensive network and would love to win your service in Texas.

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