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Cloud Computing: A Critical Component For Connected Business Operations

Cloud computing has quickly become a necessity for business procedures because it offers a number of very important benefits.

Cloud computing has quickly become a necessity for business procedures because it offers a number of very important benefits. This technology means that you can access data anywhere, at any time. For businesses and employees, this advantage allows for higher efficiency and fewer communication errors.

In the past, companies often had internal servers and their computers were connected to their network. While this is still an option that some organizations use, it is cumbersome. Creating your own network on internal servers means that you need to constantly monitor your system in house. It means hiring and maintaining a dedicated IT staff to help keep your system running optimally and protect your data from any intrusion.

Cloud Computing: Access to Data to Streamline Operations

office, that information is only accessible on that physical network. You can manually move that information by emailing files or saving a copy of files, but the network as a whole is only accessed at that physical location.

In some ways, this might seem like an excellent safety precaution to prevent security risks. The reality is that many safety risks for internal documentation do occur within the business itself. In fact, data theft is more often due to employee misuse, through error or nefarious intentions. An in house database works in the same way that a private computer works – all of the files and information are located there and you can’t access them through any other device unless you’ve created a connection to them.

With cloud computing, the database and information might be located on servers anywhere. But the data is available for those who have access online. Think of this like a website that you might log into to access your information. That’s how cloud computing works – the database is in the cloud so that any employee who has a sign in can access information when they need it, from any location.

Benefits of Cloud Computing 

There are a number of excellent benefits in using cloud computing for businesses today. Most companies are using cloud computing. For companies who still have not made the leap, you’re at a disadvantage to compete with outdated technology.

Here are a few of the benefits to cloud computing that make it not only advantageous, but necessary:

  • Improve Communication Methods. Communication is improved through this method because employees can easily access each other and information through a centralized location. Whether all of your employees are located in the same building or in many different places, there are not only options for communication but it’s all documented so that there’s a clearly defined chain of events.
  • Streamlined Backup. Cloud computing offers a much simpler and more thorough backup method so that your data is never lost or in jeopardy.
  • Real Time Updates. When someone on your team makes a change, adds information, or updates your client’s progress through their lifecycle, every other member of your team can see that update as soon as it happens. This means that you won’t have situations where one employee makes a mistake with a file because they weren’t given all of the current information. It offers a better way to handle customer service and internal documentation.
  • Better Fit for Today’s Workforce. A large portion of our workforce today is comprised of remote employees and freelance professionals. In fact, latest statistics suggest as many as 3.9 million Americans work remotely. Cloud computing offers a more efficient way to offer this type of beneficial working relationship to your employees.

One thing that people were concerned about in the early days of cloud computing was the security risk. It seems like there would be a higher risk for hacking and other nefarious attacks if all of the information was accessible remotely.

However, providers of cloud computing and data center professionals offer the best defense in security measures. In many cases, your company has a guarantee of safeguarding data by professionals who are constantly updating their knowledge in this specific area. They offer best practices and clearly defined protocols to protect your information.

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