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4 Breakthrough Technologies That Can Benefit Your Organization

Breakthrough technologies come along incredibly quickly these days, making it a full-time job just trying to keep up.

Breakthrough technologies come along incredibly quickly these days, making it a full-time job just trying to keep up. However, time — particularly in relation to technology — waits for no one. And besides, keeping up with the latest technological innovations is fascinating and supremely beneficial for any organization, whether for the public good or corporate interests.

1. Google’s Pixel Buds 

Drawing from Douglas Adams’ cult sci-fi classic novel, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” the Babel fish was a communication tool far ahead of its time. Perhaps Adams’ fictional innovation was anticipation and imagination of things to come, but it certainly has taken on a life of its own, thanks to ardent fans of the quirky space adventure.

Further inspired by the website of the same name, Google has come up with a solution to hold us over until someone stumbles across an actual yellow Babel fish to slide into our ears. Through this software, Google claims the earbuds can translate 40 spoken languages nearly in real time — or at least, fast enough to hold a conversation. In the meantime, Google’s Babel Pixel Buds will do the job. These special earbuds work with Pixel smartphones and the Google translate app for real-time translation. Even if your employees, district members or staff do not yet use Pixel smartphones, it is certainly worth keeping in mind, as this innovation is sure to take off.

This technology breakthrough could change the way your school district’s English as a Second Language (ESL) students learn, or it could help you provide better service to citizens who struggle with English within your municipality or other organization.

2. A New Cryptographic Protocol for Improved Online Privacy

You have probably worked from every possible angle to find peak online privacy. Thanks to developments in blockchain technology, the solution is on the way. Tech Republic shares that the cryptographic protocol is known as zk-SNARK “zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge” and considers this the first and truly best shot we have for true anonymity with online transactions. Originally developed as a digital currency exchange privacy protocol by Zcash, it has successfully allowed users to transmit personal information and cash securely.

If your organization deals with sensitive data, which may also require access to personal online inboxes, this new blockchain technology can help you safely store confidential data as well as provide easy access to its owners.

3. AI in the Cloud for Everyone: Not Just Big Tech Anymore

Businesses in every sector are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) tools. Once only affordable and practical for the bigger-than-big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Baidu, more and more organizations in smaller industries are tuning into this technology breakthrough that has been inching its way into the collective professional consciousness for at least the past five years. New machine-learning tools are making it all possible, helping enterprises of all sizes learn and embrace all the benefits of this rapidly emerging technology.

Just like medicine, energy and manufacturing, an increasing number of organizations are discovering the benefits of AI in the cloud, and yours can too.

4. All-Fiber-Optic Network Infrastructure 

Even with the cloud, organizations need to invest in a solid, reliable, efficient and fast infrastructure to make all the right connections. Such a service includes Ethernet, Dark Fiber, VoIP and High-Speed Internet Service.

More importantly, infrastructure specialists are customizing services to suit the needs of customers so that school districts, courthouses, law firms, law-enforcement agencies and any other organization can get the networking capabilities they need within a strict budget, timeline and to scale.

Are you ready to learn about even more connectivity options to improve your operations?

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