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3 Reasons PS Lightwave Is the Choice Network Service Provider in the Greater Houston Area

Our team of Houstonians has a deep understanding of the local network infrastructure and our customers’ requirements for connectivity.

PS Lightwave is a team of Houstonians with a deep understanding of the local network infrastructure and our customers’ requirements for connectivity. Through our evolution as a network service provider in the Greater Houston Area, we’ve innovated our approximately 5,500 route-mile Texas fiber optic network and solutions. PS Lightwave owns, manages, and supports our own vast fiber optic network covering seven counties in and around Houston. 

From delivering Ethernet data circuits to offering high-speed Internet over the Greater Houston Area’s largest private metropolitan area network, it’s our mission to deliver solutions that meet the unique needs of each of our customers. Our local team is here to provide timely responses and resolutions whenever our customers need service. Here are three reasons we’re the choice provider for local organizations like yours.

1. We Serve Multiple Markets in the Greater Houston Area

With our established infrastructure and a dedicated team of network specialists, we have experience developing flexible solutions to satisfy every network requirement. We serve a broad variety of industries that include: 

  • Education and government
  • Oil and gas
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering construction
  • Financial services
  • Professional services 
  • Non-profit entities

2. We Offer a Host of Different Solutions

Our customers in the Greater Houston Area find us when they’re in search of a new telecommunications provider, looking to better utilize current infrastructure, or simply need their network to perform more effectively. We partner with organizations to provide a number of solutions, including these and more:

  • Internet. Our Internet offering can support nearly every organization’s needs, with bandwidth ranging from 10 megs to over 40G. Our clients get redundancy through facilities-based data rings and expert support with our local network operations center (NOC).
  • Ethernet. We made a strategic investment in a premium-quality, native Ethernet infrastructure to provide the greatest protection and redundancy for our customers while minimizing losses in connectivity. 
  • Data Centers. Our 12,000 square foot data center, LightHouse, provides redundant power, cooling, and connectivity to support physical hardware and hybrid solutions with major cloud providers. We provide colocation, cabinets, managed servers, hosted PBX, and managed bandwidth services. 

3. We’re Dedicated to Our Clients

As a network service provider in the Greater Houston Area, we know the value of nimble and responsive support for our local clients. Through our locally staffed Network Operations Center (NOC), we act as a dedicated single point of contact to help our clients solve any issue or answer any question. 

We don’t push standardized packages on our customers. We aim to offer expert guidance through a consultative approach that’s designed to help you select the right network for your needs – within your budget.

We Understand Houston

PS Lightwave customers know we’re the best choice among network service providers in the Greater Houston Area. Our team of Houstonians has a comprehensive understanding of the local network infrastructure and our clients’ unique requirements for connectivity. If you’re looking for a Houston-based team that will provide the right solution for your organization within budget, reach out to PS Lightwave.

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PS LIGHTWAVE, a leading telecommunications service provider headquartered in Houston, Texas, provides managed Ethernet Data Circuits, Internet, private network solutions and Voice over IP (VoIP) over one of the nation’s largest facilities-based private Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs). The switched Layer 2 network, backed by 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) support, encompasses approximately 5,500 route miles and 1,400 on-net locations and connects 100+ fault-tolerant multi-gigabit Ethernet rings for built-in redundancy, security, low latency, and high-availability. At PS LIGHTWAVE Great Connections Happen Here™.

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