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2020 Cyber Security Trends

Staying on top of all the latest developments in cyber security can help you fortify your business and protect your investment.

As 2019 nears its close, executives at many firms are beginning to ask: what’s next? Information technology trends change quickly, and there’s little way to know what the next year will bring. Staying on top of all the latest developments in cyber security can help you fortify your business and protect your investment. Here’s what you need to know.  

AI Will Play a Bigger Role

In mobile phones, cars and everyday products, artificial intelligence is making its mark on the world. It should come as no surprise that artificial intelligence is now playing a larger role in cyber-security realms as well. Attackers use AI to identify vulnerabilities and design a means of attack against companies. Artificial intelligence systems can also be used to create clever social engineering attacks, disinformation campaigns and phishing scams. 

Fortunately, there’s a bright side to the use of AI in cyber security. Although artificial intelligence can be used to attack and cause damage, it can also be used to defend. Artificial intelligence software can strengthen cyber security for any firm by probing for vulnerabilities and identifying new threats. With these tools, IT security professionals can better protect their data and clients. 

Public Utility Hits and Infrastructure Development

Public utilities are increasingly a big target for attackers, which means that 2020 will likely bring an intense push to strengthen public utility infrastructure. Sometimes this happens publicly, as upgrades can lead to service outages and disruptions. However, much of this will be going on in the background as the public utility organizations rush to keep up with their attackers. 

Increased Spending

Cyber-security spending is on the rise. With each new threat comes a new need for software and hardware upgrades, more IT staff and greater technical knowledge. Companies cannot invest enough in training, new equipment and creative solutions to IT problems.

As cyber security becomes increasingly important to companies, they will continue this upward trend of spending more. Spending on software and hardware services is expected to top more than $103 billion in 2019, which was almost 10% more than was spent in 2018. The United States leads the way, with spending from U.S. companies expected to reach almost half of the total amount spent worldwide.  {{cta(’57acef4e-2107-41c0-bcee-b662884dfeb8′)}}

Talent Shortages

Talent shortages are reaching epidemic proportions, with over half of IT professionals reporting that their company lacks adequate IT staff. This leaves companies open to vulnerabilities, as their IT staff becomes increasingly taxed by the strain of keeping up with their professional demands. Lack of talent in the workforce can lead to more spending as companies compete with one another to recruit the talent that’s out there.

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