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infographic 95th percentile

95th Percentile Rule

PS LIGHTWAVE uses the 95th percentile rule to bill for bandwidth that exceeds our customers’ committed rate. This calculation is primarily used to avoid penalizing customers for the occasional burst of bandwidth.

infographic point2multipoint

Point-To-Multipoint Ethernet

Point-to-multipoint Ethernet networks involve data transmissions between one sender and multiple receivers. Point-to-multipoint communications can be either wired or wireless.

infographic point2point

Point-To-Point Ethernet

Point-to-point Ethernet networks involve data transmissions between a single transmitter and a single receiver. Point-to-point communications can be both wired or wireless.

proven process poster image

Our Proven Process

Our telecommunications customers place trust in our people and services, and in turn, we nurture this trust by applying our company values to our interactions and relationships with customers under this model.

cyber attack image

Cyber Attacks

An infograph with information and statistics concerning cyber attacks.