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In this section, you’ll find valuable information and insights to help our clients better understand their connectivity requirements.

We invite you to explore our Glossary, our Diagram Section and FAQs to find out more about our telecommunication offerings and how these services can benefit your business. You’ll also find general information about PS LIGHTWAVE, as well some characteristics that differentiate our company from every other telecommunication provider.

Your business is unique, with particular network needs that don’t always align with cookie-cutter offerings. At PS LIGHTWAVE, we specialize in providing flexible solutions for your connectivity requirements, from Ethernet and Internet to VoIP and Dark Fiber products. As part of our consultative approach to connectivity, PS LIGHTWAVE can craft tailored, boutique-style solutions. Dedicated PS LIGHTWAVE employees help you determine how much bandwidth you need and, together with your PS LIGHTWAVE expert, we determine the best network solution for your business. This education initiative not only helps you better understand and leverage your network, but it also empowers our clients to be internal champions within their company. And, these offerings aren’t just tailored for your specific requirements—they’re scalable solutions that can expand with you and your business, so you will never outgrow your network.

PS LIGHTWAVE's team is a collection of connectivity experts, comprised of Houstonians with an intuitive knowledge of the local infrastructure and what’s needed in reliable networks. Our connectivity solutions offer dependable speed, bandwidth and redundancy while minimizing latency and service disruptions. And because we offer the very best in connectivity, our customers get the speed and redundancy that they pay for—all of the their bandwidth, all of the time.