Great Connections Happen Here.™

With an established, all-fiber infrastructure throughout Houston, PS LIGHTWAVE provides a high-quality network for the local healthcare industry.

Because our facilities-based network is owned and operated by PS LIGHTWAVE, it is private and more secure, which offers a greater amount of protection for sensitive client data and proprietary information. And with our extensive Houston infrastructure, we can connect you to other local satellite offices seamlessly, allowing you to share important information without delays or disruptions.

At PS LIGHTWAVE, we provide a high-quality, all-fiber infrastructure, allowing you to build your own network. The core network offers redundancy and increased reliability through data ring protection. And should you need a temporary increase in bandwidth, we allow you to burst up to a higher bandwidth for greater capacity without disruption in service. Due to our judicious monitoring of client networks, PS LIGHTWAVE ensures seamless peak usage during high-capacity hours so your network speed won’t lag when multiple people use the same network.

Our Network Operating Center monitors activity 24/7/365 to respond promptly to network issues and answer any questions our customers may have. And, if you’re uncertain about how much bandwidth or what type of network you need, our dedicated business development team will provide guidance to help you find the best fit for your business. As a WBENC-certified, woman-owned business, a HCDE Choice Partner, a HUB certified business, and certified Hire Houston First local business, PS LIGHTWAVE provides secure solutions for the healthcare industry. And with the capabilities to design private virtual networks, we maintain the highest standards for reliability so your confidential information is safeguarded. We provide coverage in Harris, Galveston, Brazoria, Chambers, Waller, Montgomery, and Fort Bend counties.