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Kurt Rushe

Kurt Rushe was promoted to the role of Director of People and Culture in December 2015 after joining the Pure Speed Lightwave leadership team as Network Operations Center Manager in 2014. Mr. Rushe served as Network Operations Center Manager in the Phonoscope Enterprise Group since 2002. Before joining Phonoscope, Mr. Rushe worked in Operations at United Parcel Service (UPS) for 15 years and was a Project Manager with National Supply Company for 7 years prior.

As Director of People and Culture, Mr. Rushe manages Pure Speed Lightwave human resources and employee communications with the same level of integrity, kindness, consistency, and thoroughness he incorporated in his former leadership role, relying on a strong company belief that happy, well-informed people deliver the best customer service. As Network Operations Center Manager, Mr. Rushe required that his team receive annual continuing education hours, frequently facilitating the training onsite. Today he remains a strong advocate for employee education and advancement in support of Pure Speed Lightwave’s commitment to pay for the education of its employees.

Mr. Rushe embodies our core values: growth, respect, integrity, and trust. He leads with those values, driving individuals and the company toward clearly defined goals and serving as a mentor to the entire company and community at-large. Mr. Rushe volunteers in his community and has been a supporting member of the Houston Zoo since 1997.