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PS LIGHTWAVE offers the dependability of large providers, while providing personalized, consultative services through a local data service team working to ensure network reliability.

aboutus technology

Since our founding, we have built our industry reputation on offering the latest technology solutions to our clients and partners. As a facilities-based network provider, we leverage 5,500 route miles of diverse fiber routes and 1,400 on-net locations to extend customer reach and capabilities throughout the Greater Houston Metropolitan area.

State-of-the-art switched Layer 2 infrastructure is constructed of 100% native Ethernet optical fiber utilizing 50-60 data ring networks to create built-in redundancy while offering the greatest protection against downtime. Compared to a traditional Layer 3 routed network, this Layer 2 topology is delivered over a dedicated, private network, offering faster connections, lower latency and fewer hops—which means faster connections, minimal interruptions and greater security for your digital assets and operational data.

Because our Houston high-speed network is diversely routed, your organization is unlikely to be affected by issues occurring on other carrier networks. At the same time, you gain a level of dependability expected of larger providers with the personalized touch and local service team approach required to meet the needs of your growing business.