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As a Houston network solutions provider, we know the value of nimble and responsive support, inspiring the creation of our local Network Operations Center (NOC).

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PS LIGHTWAVE knows the value of responsive support, inspiring the creation of our local Network Operations Center (NOC). Our NOC houses our Tier-1 and Tier-2 experienced operations teams and provides corporate clients with reliable and value-added solutions. Fully-equipped with sophisticated network management, monitoring and analysis tools, the NOC is solely managed by PS LIGHTWAVE employees 24/7/365 who monitor network activity and ensure customers stay up and running around the clock.

Our NOC employees undergo rigorous training to achieve a NOC and Tier-2 certification, a requirement for all PS LIGHTWAVE technicians. Tier-2 personnel have a minimum of an Extreme Certified Network Associate (ECNA) certification and a number of technicians pursue additional training from in-house resources. PS LIGHTWAVE has a dedicated, full-time trainer for Tier-2 personnel, ensuring our technicians are up-to-date on the latest technology innovations while preparing personnel for certification tests and evaluations.

Through our NOC, PS LIGHTWAVE acts as the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to help clients solve any issue or answer questions. PS LIGHTWAVE technicians will even address carrier issues that are not directly related to PS LIGHTWAVE services but are run through our infrastructure, thereby ensuring reliable service for every carrier and client.

Benefits of NOC Support:

  • Monitor all backbone links and network devices
  • Ensure continuous operation of servers and services
  • Provide quality support for corporate customers
  • Troubleshoot all network and system-related issues
  • Open tickets to track and document resolution of network requests and issues